Presentations and PHP rating script

It was fantastic to watch the other presentations last night. What I loved most was that they were all driven by ideas that were real and purposeful, not just a ‘dummy’ website to complete the assignment. I love seeing what other people come up with and where their ideas and motivation stem from. It was also good to share my journey with others and see that even though we all had very different journeys and are on different learning paths, we all experienced simialar frustrations and breakthroughs throughout the process.

With regards to my progress, I’ve now added my PHP 5 star rating script to the recipes. I used the same script I documented back in mid September as a practice. It was useful to have done this practice, but I still had to go back through the forums to find the answer to my error message that was coming back once a user submitted a rating. The answer was in the permissions of the files. This was fixed within the FTP client by right clicking on each of the relevant files and changing it to read, write permission (777).

Not long to go… 

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